Frequently Asked Questions

Category: Accounts

Can I use a famous person's name?

No, but please do not use the names of famous living people such as Bill Gates, for example, unless your real name happens to be the same and you are willing and able to document that it is the same to the administrators.

Do I have to use my real name?

Since this site is oriented toward real businesses and real people, we prefer that you use your real name or your real business name.

However, if this makes you uncomfortable for privacy reasons, you are permitted to use a handle. In the profiles section, you have the option of setting your personal information as private. We do not sell or otherwise distribute this information to other companies.

Is there a limit to accounts?

Yes. We prefer that you only have one account, and maintain it well to present a good business image, but some people have more than one business and sometimes partners working together want to be able to use the site from the same location.

To accommodate this, we permit you to maintain up to five accounts (five email addresses). If we find the privilege being abused, we will delete additional accounts and your main accounts may be suspended.