Frequently Asked Questions

Category: Photos

May I post personal pics?

Yes, you may create one album called Personal Pics (or Personal Photos) for personal images such as your daily routine, special surprises, office parties, etc.

Please keep the other photo albums for business-related pictures such as pictures of your business setup, the equipment you use, the business-related places you travel, etc.

Please do not post blatant ads for your products. Product pics should be informational "samplers" of how you are running and growing your business, not direct ads or promotions to your buyers. This site is for networking and sharing information, not for free advertising.

May I post photos of other people?

Please do not post photos of other people without their express written permission.

Bucks and Brains, LLC, does not assume any liability for problems associated with member-uploaded pictures but YOU might have a legal problem if you trample someone else's business or privacy rights, so use your common sense and get written permission before posting pictures of others.

It's permissable to use stock photos in your blogs, if they are of an explanatory nature. Stock photo companies usually have already obtained model releases from the people in the photos.

Can I put text on my photos?

In most cases, no. We prefer that you don't and we explicitly prefer that you not put advertising words on your pictures.

There are some exceptions.

You can post YOUR name or YOUR business name on your avatar as long as it is tasteful.

You can also post labels on your pictures if you are explaining something in a blog. For example, if you are explaining how to attach a sign to a truck for a reader's business, then an arrow or a label such as "attach here" or "avoid the bumper" is acceptable. Please use common sense or it may be necessary to remove the picture or suspend the account.

Are there photo size limits?

We prefer that you post thumbnails (approx. 200 pixels) and photos that are under 2 megabytes and 360 pixels or less on the longest side.

It costs hard drive space to store large pictures and we want to keep this site free.

You can crop or size your photos in many graphics programs and picture utilities. Most operating systems come with at least one or two and there are many on the Web.

What is the best Avatar size?

The optimum size for an avatar is 200 x 200 pixels.

When setting up your profile, you can upload an avatar from your local computer. Please do not use copyrighted avatars and restrict your avatar to pictures of you, your business, or your products.

Do not change your avatar too frequently or the spambots may automatically suspend your account.

Note that you need to define a box around the avatar and then click the button underneath to make it "take".

Can I post photos?

Yes, you may post an avatar of yourself, your product, or your business location. It must be YOUR business or a business with which you are associated.

You may also post photos in designated areas. This includes creating albums, media walls, and individual photos.

Note that MOST of your photos must be business-related, but you are not permitted to post ads. You can post a picture of a product and write a blog about how you made it or chose it (with offsite links AT THE BOTTOM ONLY), but blogs are not to be used for blatant advertising.

This site is free. We are here to promote business networking and to help you drive traffic to YOUR site. We are not here to host free advertising. We can't afford to do that so please don't take advantage of our hospitality or you will be suspended.