Frequently Asked Questions

Category: Posting limits

Are there posting limits?

Yes, there are posting limits.

Spammers have abused the site with several posts every minute for the last year, so we have set posting limits and will automatically suspend anyone who exceeds them.

If you accidentally exceed these limits and get suspended, email Moderator and request reinstatement. Too many requests and your account may be permanently suspended.

Current Limits (these are subject to slight changes as we fine-tune the system):

Blogs - 2 per day per account

Photo Albums - 3 Album Categories per day

Photos - 12 photos per day

Bookmarks - 4 bookmarks per day

Files - 5 files per day

Messages - 20 messages per day

Posts - 20 posts per day (this does not apply to Forum posts, which are separate)

Wall pics - batch load of pics, limited to 20 per day

Comments - 20 per day (this is separate from Forum posts)