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Selecting and Using Wire Services to Promote your Business
12-24-2012, 07:32 AM
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Selecting and Using Wire Services to Promote your Business
One of the more effective ways to get information about your business into newspapers and magazines is to distribute a news release/press release through the wire services.

These are mostly paid services that have developed a reputation with news publications for timely release of interesting information for journalists, editorial writers and other people who create and distribute news.

One of the keys to getting noticed once you select a wire service is to have a unique story, especially one that combines business with human interest.

For example, let's say you sell roofing shingles. You've developed a new shingle and you've started to sell it and you want the world to know.

You can issue a news release about this great new shingle and it might get noticed in a few specialized areas of the construction industry, but if you want press coverage you can turn a good news release into a great news release by telling a story about how your shingled roof was the only one to survive a bad beating by a hurricane. That's the kind of story that is more likely to make the news and more likely to get noticed by your potential customers.

Success in business takes a bit of imagination and the best way to make use of wire services is by having an interesting story to tell about your product or service, something they haven't heard a thousand times before.
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