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Selling on eBay
12-24-2012, 07:05 AM
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Selling on eBay
The Bucks and Brains™ staff has quite a bit of experience selling on eBay and it's been quite a roller coaster. Here you can discuss the best way to set up your site, the mine fields and pitfalls, the caps and the constant policy changes and we'll share our experiences as well.

This is the place to help each other out, to survive eBay selling and prosper, and to vent, if you want, as long as at least part of the rant is constructive help for other sellers.

This is also the best place to compare eBay to other venues, since eBay doesn't permit you to do that on their own forum. Criticisms of their management or mentions of their competitors are not welcome there.

You're free to do comparison shopping for the best eCommerce sites here.
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12-30-2012, 02:23 PM
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RE: Selling on eBay
Getting started on eBay means registering for an eBay ID and a PayPal ID. If you are registering for a PayPal business account, you may also need to send additional documentation proving that you are a business (e.g., state UBI number). What you send depends partly on what kind of business structure you have (proprietorship, corporation, etc.).

If you are a casual seller, you can probably make do with a personal account.

eBay allows you to have more than one eBay ID. Why have more than one ID? You might want to have a separate ID for buying and selling, but keep in mind, you have to build up feedback on two separate IDs that way, and getting your first few feedbacks as a seller can be a challenge.

If you have zero feedback, people might not buy from you. Also, not every buyer leaves feedback. You might sell 100 items and have only 50 feedbacks.

Another very important thing to understand about eBay is that if you get low star ratings (it's a 5-star system with 5 being the highest rating), you can be suspended permanently. This is particularly difficult for beginners because one bad feedback out of 1,000 transactions is only a small percentage, but one bad feedback out of 10 (even if you might never get another one) is a huge problem (a 10% problem instead of .1%).

So... you pretty much have to do everything perfectly for your first 100 or so transactions, pack really well, ship quickly, describe your items as accurately as possible, and take lots of good pictures.

eBay isn't as casual as it used to be. The executives are aiming for big stakes and in the process, they have made it a tough ride for small sellers, but it is possible and you can use this forum as a place to share wisdom and tips.
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