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eBay and Etsy
01-18-2013, 11:01 PM
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eBay and Etsy
It's difficult to compare eBay and Etsy, they're that different.

eBay started as a classified ad auction site.

Etsy started as a place for artists to showcase and sell their own work. Etsy isn't an auction site.

For many years people bought and sold items without pictures on eBay. Honesty was important, since you couldn't look at pics to see what you were getting and yet it worked.

Etsy was a visual selling site from the beginning and the quality of the images is a step above most selling sites on the Web. The variety of custom-crafted goods is also excellent. If you are bigger or smaller or shorter or taller than other people, someone on Etsy can sew you a custom suit or dress or corset or pair of pants. It's a creative brain-trust and it has grown significantly.

So why compare them at all? The reason is that Etsy recently opened up a new selling category. It's now possible to sell vintage items on Etsy and since the Etsy audience is interested in items that are new or unusual, that makes it a good place to sell certain kinds of collectibles.

The movement of sellers from eBay to Etsy began as a trickle but has recently increased. Some are running two stores, some have simply left eBay for Etsy.

Even though Etsy gets fewer page views than eBay, it's much easier for buyers to find things and to pay for them. Etsy not only accepts PayPal, they will process Merchant Card purchases directly on behalf of the seller (without going through PayPal). Many buyers like to pay this way.

Will Etsy have a significant impact on eBay sales? We don't know. eBay is moving in the direction of big-name retailers. Etsy is opening up to vintage sellers. They don't appear to be on a collision course, at least for now.

The biggest difference between Etsy and eBay is that the Etsy seller's space is not cluttered with ads to competitors as it is on eBay. To some sellers, this might be an important consideration.

If you sell on both eBay and Etsy, feel free to share your experiences.
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