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Online Auction
01-14-2013, 02:53 PM
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Online Auction
The top four store-format-only sites are Amazon, Etsy, eCrater, and Bonanza, but the honor for runner-up auction sites (after eBay and eBid.net) probably goes to OnlineAuction and Webstore.

OnlineAuction allows basic bidding and buying without fees, but there is an $8/mo. fee for listing. This is a good deal, if you consider eBay charges $15/mo. plus listing fees plus 9% final value fees (which is also charged on shipping). On eBay, there are also extra fees for special features or for listing in more than one category. You can also sign up for an eStore that's free for one year and $10 a month after that. With an eStore there are no listing or Final Value fees, just one flat rate of $10 no matter how much you sell and buyers can scroll through a list of eStores, each with a store description and icon.

On OnlineAuction, if you pay the monthly fee, there are no final value fees and you get a few extra features and you can list in two categories for free. Like eBay, OnlineAuction provides a history of who has bid on your item so you can get a sense of who's interested and how many potential buyers have bid. This is helpful when planning future auctions.

Webstore is friendly, responsive and, amazingly, free to both list and sell. It's also free to add extra pictures and to relist. It doesn't get better than that. Page views aren't as high as the other sites, but it might be because it's not yet well known. If dissatisfaction with other sites increases to the point where sellers start to leave, some might make their way here.

Webstore also has an option for private auctions and there's a vacation setting, similar to eBay's for when you're gone. Unlike eBay, which penalizes sellers for extended vacations (e.g., seasonal sellers) by lowering their selling limits, Webstore doesn't do that. If you sell only Christmas items or summer beachwear, you can put your store on vacation until you're ready to sell. You may get an email once in a while asking you to log on so that the webstore folks know you want to continue your account, but you don't have to worry about coming back and not being able to sell anything.

If you have personal experience with these sites, feel free to post your impressions. Bucks and Brains™ has tried webstore but we haven't tried OnlineAuction yet.
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