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Accepting Credit Cards Online
12-24-2012, 07:55 AM
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Accepting Credit Cards Online
Despite all the different ways you can pay for things online, credit card payments are still one of the favorite ways for buyers to pay. Part of the reason is that many debit cards can now be used as credit cards and also, a credit card company will usually protect the buyer if the seller sends a defective product or no product at all.

It used to be very difficult for an individual or a new small business to accept credit cards. Now there are many options for accepting credit cards online, whether directly through a merchant broker or through a payment system such as PayPal. There are also store sites like Amazon and Etsy that will broker the credit card payment for you.

Use this forum to discuss ways to apply for credit card services, how to install them on your site, and how best to use this payment method to draw buyers to your products and services.
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